Aspects and Goals

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Aspects of the Association

The Association is comprised of members of first-level local Administration – Municipalities – in whose administrative boundaries there are acknowledged curative natural resources.

The Association, as a body that is aware of the situation, took the initiative to respond to the responsibilities and challenges that are dictated by the human needs for health care with the use of curative natural resources.

The Association considers every kind of hydrotherapy facilities in a thermalistic environment as units of the primary care of human health. These units, which affect the cultural environment of their area, are the key to the economy and development of the local communities, are related to the local history and tradition, set in motion numerous activities and highlight the uniqueness of the character of the thermalistic environment. The Association, since its formation, supports and aids every developmental initiative of its members in the fields of Spa- Medical Tourism and in the energy usage of the hot water.




Goals of the Association

  1. The promotion, project and protection of the curative natural resources of our country, as well as their environment.

  2. The promotion and project in Greece and abroad, of the curative thermalistic centres, every form of hydrotherapy treatment, prevention and well-being, as well as all elements and works of art, history and culture that are connected to the curative springs, hydrotherapy- climatotherapy, thalasso-therapy and clay therapy.

  3. The support of every form of therapeutic treatment, prevention and well –being with the use of the curative natural resources as well as every form of thalasso-therapy, climatotherapy, cave therapy, that are realised and have as a goal the care of the human physical and mental health.

  4. The establishment, promotion and project of the variety of the thermalistic therapeutic places of the country, as well as the support and promotion of every alternative form of tourism (religion, conference, nature loving, e.t.c.) in the places of the curative natural resources and thermalistic centres.

  5. The scientific research and study of the hydrogeological, chemical, biological and environmental characteristics of the curative natural resources, the local history, the cultural elements that are connected with the use of the curative springs as well as the statistic evaluation of the results of the thermalistic treatments.

  6. The scientific research, verification and evaluation of the results of the therapeutic indications- contraindications of the curative natural resources, of the environment and the climate conditions of the thermalistic therapeutic places. The realisation of meetings, educational seminaries, conferences, scientific meetings that concern the sustainable development of thermalism, the sustainable management of the curative natural resources and of the environment and every other act or action that falls under the objectives of the Association.



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