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It is a fact that the climate affects human health more than any other ecological element. In our country, there are no officially acknowledged places where climatotherapy is applied, for the treatment of the cure of human health. However, climatotherapy is applied indirectly in many areas of curative springs and visitors remain in the baths because of the healthy climate. For instance, in Therma Ikarias, in Kamena Vourla, in Samothrace, in Loutraki and elsewhere, visitors can feel the beneficial effect of the climate. In our country, we have yet to acknowledge “places or thermalistic environments for climatotherapy”. Setting the necessary conditions of acknowledgment of places of recovery – climatotherapy, is in the essence a recognision of what is already being done. Thus, new dimensions of thermalism are highlighted and especially in our country, which is known for its diversity in climate. Climatotherapy, as an autonomous treatment, is applied in special centres, mainly in central Europe. Climatotherapy in general and sea climate in particular are especially indicated for:

  • Ailments of the respiratory system
  • Ailments of the nervous system
  • Metabolic disorders e.t.c.

Mountainous climate is indicated for:

  • Ailments of the respiratory system
  • Ailments of the vasculature e.t.c.

Elements that concern climatotherapy are for example the height of an area above sea level, the barometric pressure, the air temperature, rainfalls, humidity, the direction and the intensity of the wind, clouds and the intensity of sun radiation e.t.c. The singularity of the place, the result of the ground radiation and other similar factors plays a major role, in its application. Our country has a lot of places for bioclimatotherapy.



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