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Internal hydrotherapy

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Internal hydrotherapy

  • Mineral water drinking therapy

The treatment is realised by drinking the prescribed quantity of curative water, in the environment of the appearance of the spring. Mineral water drinking therapy is indicated for:

  •   Dyskinesia of biliary tract and gallbladder
  •   Choleolithiasis
  •   Liver ailments
  •   Biliary tract ailments

In the hydrotherapy or thermalistic centres the duration of the mineral water drinking therapy is 3-4 week, according to the case. Mineral water drinking therapy is done on an empty stomach and the dose of the water is usually measured in glasses (250 ml). Before the treatment begins, the examination of the visitor by the doctor of the hydrotherapy centre is mandatory.

  • Inhalation Therapy

The treatment is based on the conversion of the curative waters into micro droplets and on the use of the gashes that are included in them. Inhalation therapy is indicated for:

  • Ailments of the respiratory system

The techniques of the inhalation therapy are inhalation, nebulisation, aerosol and humag. The inhalation of gashes or steams is aided by special devices. Nebulisation is the conversion of liquid to droplets with the aid of special devices. Aerosol is a treatment technique with compressed steam, while humag is the inhalation of gashes that are released by the curative water with the aid of special techniques.

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