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Edipsos thermal springs were known since Aristotle’s times (384-332 BC), but were also mentioned by Athinaeus, in his book Deipnosophistae (book C, chap. 3), as well as from Plinius in his work Naturalis Historiae.

Furthermore, during Roman times, the springs collected a large number of patients.

In modern Greek history, Queen Olga, the wife of King George A, was particularly fond of Edipsos town and also stayed, in 1907, at the Thermae Sylla hotel owned by the Tombazi family. At the same time, she also established at Edipsos an orphanage bearing the town’s name.


The hydrotherapy centre of Edipsos Thermal Springs, constructed in 1985, replacing older buildings offering hydrotherapy – balneotherapy treatments, is one of the largest and most equipped centres in Greece.

It features spa facilities such as:

– External thermal pools measuring 530m3, with a depth ranging from 1.20m to 1.60m.

– Two internal thermal spa pools measuring 38m3 and 42m3 respectively, with a depth of 1.10m.

– Baths with or without hydro massage

– Jacuzzi baths (full body, neck jets)

– Jacuzzi baths for 2-4 persons

– Bath reception and waiting areas

– Physiotherapy area offering various treatments including relaxation and body care, musculoskeletal system, arthropathy and cervical syndrome rehabilitation, post-operative treatments, circulatory and neurological system treatments, etc.

All the above departments are operated by specialized staff such as bath specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors.

It is also noted that the building includes an area housing an archeological collection and many findings from the area of Edipsos are exhibited.


Water temp.           Conductivit μS/cm            pH             CO2(mg/l)             H2S(mg/l)               TDS(mg/l

         72K                                 44500                       6.20             1560                             5.54                       33,000


Ca           Mg             Na             K             CO3                   HCO3             CL             SO4               SiO2

1707       170           10346       335           0.00                   430             18437       2210             50.60


Li               Mn               B               Fe                 Sr                 Ba                 Al                   Ni                   As                 Cu               Hg              NH4               NO2

1.780     0.005         7.400         0.200         10.600         0.210         0.005             0.038             0.051           0.062           0.001             0.260           0.050


Rn(pCi/l)               Rn(Bq/l)                   Rn(Mache)                       Ra(pCi/l)                 Ra(Bq/l)                 Ra(Mache)                   U(mg/l)

     17                           0.63                           0.05                                    54.10                       2.00                           0.15                             <0.005


–      According to Decision number 25855/14.12.2015 of the Deputy Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Mrs. Elena Kountoura, the Recognition of the natural resource “water of the Kompoyianni thermal spring of Edipsos” as healing has been approved.

–      According to Decision number 25857/14.12.2015 of the Deputy Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Mrs. Elena Kountoura, the Recognition of the natural resource “water of the Letta Vasilakou thermal spring of Edipsos” as healing has been approved.

–      According to Decision number 25860/14.12.2015 of the Deputy Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Mrs. Elena Kountoura, the Recognition of the natural resource “water of the C1 Damaria thermal spring of Edipsos” as healing has been approved.

The thermal springs of Edipsos (five main springs) belong to the category of saline thermal springs and have hot, mineral, acidic, Na-CL-B-K-CO2-H2S sodium chlorides, strongly carbonated and moderately sulphuretted waters, offering a significant volume of spring water throughout the year, at temperatures of 71 to 73 Celsius degrees.

The baths are recommended to be taken at temperatures of 28 to 34 Celsius degrees for the following conditions:

–         Chronic or sub-acute rheumatisms

–         Deforming arthritis, spinal arthritis, etc.

–         Neuritis

–         Ischialgia, lower-back morbidity, etc.

–         Post-traumatic ankylosis and deformities

–         Chronic gynecological conditions

–         Skin diseases

–         Respiratory diseases


Edipsos town can be accessed by a road and sea network from various areas of Greece.

– From Athens through the new National Road connecting Athens and Lamia, Arkitsa exit, Fthiotida, 151 km.

– From Arkitsa to Edipsos by ferry-boat (7 n. miles), 45 minutes – From Athens, by car, passing through Chalkida, Evia, 200 km.

– From Thessaloniki through the new National Road connecting Thessaloniki and Athens, Glyfa exit, Fthiotida, 270 km.

– From Glyfa to Agiokampos by ferry-boat (3.5 n. miles) 25 minutes – From Agiokampos to Edipsos, 10 km.

The above destinations are covered daily by frequent bus and boat services.


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