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Curative Natural Resource Platystomo


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Platystomo baths are 35 km away from Lamia and 5km away from Makrakomi, in the foot of Mount Orthris and at an altitude of 240 metres. The springs, are believed to have been known since the ancient Ainianes, but they were certainly used by the Romans. In 1929, when the construction of the thermal city began, ruins of ancient bath facilities were found, as well as bath vessels and coins. In recent years, these waters were widely used by the inhabitants of Phthiotis, because of their therapeutic properties. The construction for the development of the two hot mineral springs began mainly in 1929. Then, the area was shaped and trees were planted and the modern hydrotherapy centre and mineral water drinking therapy centre were built. Since 2004, the company “PLATYSTOMO S.A.” has created a modern, high standard thermalistic centre for health and well-being.

Curative Water

The temperature of the spring’s water is 32oC

Characteristics: Hot Na- Cl- B – hydrosulphide hypotonic, slightly radioactive curative water

Therapeutic Indications: Hydrotherapy for rheumatisms, arthritis, skin ailments, gynecological ailments.

Mineral water drinking therapy for liver ailments, biliary track ailments, digestive system ailments and urinary track ailments.

Health thermalism facilities

A hydrotherapy centre with an indoor and an outdoor pool with curative water and many other provisions operates in the complex Thermae Platystomou Resort & Spa. The temperature of the water for hydrotherapy is 32oC, while the temperature of the water for mineral water drinking therapy is 25oC.


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