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Curative Natural Resource Souroti


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The inexhaustible spring of Souroti gushes its famous water from ancient times. In the local legends it is mentioned that the nobles preferred the cooling water of the spring for their banquets. Around the 1900, the first houses were built near the spring and laid the foundations for the later settlement of Souroti. In 1917 French officers, excited by the excellent quality of the water, created there the first rudimentary water bottling plant there. There, they bottled the water for the higher officers and sent quantities of water to France. The Serbs followed their example when they settled there with the Serbian brigade Morava. They built a two-storey building, where they housed the water bottling plant and they named it “Kisepe Boda”, which means acidulous water. In 1930, according to a newspaper scrap of the time (SOUROTI S.A. ARCHIVE), the then prime minister Venizelos declared publically that: “Souroti water is equal to the European ones, if not superior to them.”

Curative Water

Temperature: 16ο C

Characterisation: Cold, acidic-carbonic acid- calcium- magnesium- ferrous (CO2, HCO3 Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe), mineral, hypotonic curative water.

Therapeutic Indications: The natural resource of the Souroti spring, is indicated for hydrotherapy in the form of mineral water drinking therapy for diseases of the gastrointestinal system, nephrolithiasis and iron deficiency anemia, as well as in the form of balneotherapy in cases of mild peripheral obstructive vasculopathy and mild arterial hypertension.


The products of Souroti S.A. are bottled in its state-of-the-art factories in the location Souroti in Northern Greece. Today, the company with its two water bottling plants with four fully equipped assembly lines, high technology machinery, 125 permanent skilled workers, new building facilities of 7.500 square metres, a branch in Athens and new products opens new horizons in Greece and abroad.


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Souroti S.A.

Tel.: 23960 41182, 41739, 41590, Fax: 23960 41437,



Tel.: 2313-300700







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