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Curative Natural Resource Amarandos


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Amarandos village is built on the Greek- Albanian borders, in a beautiful forest, at an altitude of about 1200 metres. The curative baths of Amarandos are located north of the village, at a distance of 5 km, at the basis of a big limestone rock. This natural resource is unique, because in its beautiful and healthy environment, steams gush and thus the baths were named “Amarandos Steam Baths ”. When Epirus was freed, Amarandos wasn’t included in the treaty that ceded territories, because Amarandos remained autonomous the whole time. The village was left to its inhabitants, who made use of the forest and the baths until the 2nd World War.


The temperature of the steams reaches up to 37oC

Characterisation: Natural moderate temperature “fumaroles”

Therapeutic Indications: Ailments of the respiratory system, ailments of the circulatory system, neuralgia, rheumatisms, arthritis

Heath thermalsm facilities:

Amarandos baths have modern facilities with 13 individual tubs, a group tub and a place for inhalation therapy. The hot steams come from big depths from 15 karstic fault lines. The baths are narrow, small chambers, in which the steams are channeled through a pipe. The facilities are open from June to September, seven days a week, from morning to afternoon. Visitors can stay in the traditional hotels that are located nearby and provide all the necessary commodities.


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