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Curative Natural Resource Preveza


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The curative springs of the municipality of Preveza are located at the southwest part of the city of Preveza, adjacent to the awarded with the “Blue Flag” Kiani Akti beach and to the entrance of Amvrakikos bay, with its famous wetland that is protected by the international RAMSAR treaty. The springs also known by the name Palaiosaraga, which means “Old Palaces”, are a part of the history of the area and are known from the 17th century when Ali Pasha built his summer palace there and used the water of the spring for his hammam. The systematic organisation of the springs began in 1920.

Curative Water

The temperature of the water that gushes from the spring is 21,5oC

Characterisation: Tepid Cl- Na- HCO3– Ca- Mg- K -B – hydrosulphide, hypotonic slightly radioactive curative water of the municipality of Preveza.

Therapeutic Indications: Chronic rheumatisms, myositis, degenerative injuries, skin ailments, gynecological ailments.

Heath thermalsm facilities

The baths facilities were renovated in 2013 and have 22 tubs, where the temperature of the water is 32oC. The baths are open from June to October. In the centre of the city there are a lot of accommodation facilities and restaurants for the needs of the visitors.


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Tel.: 2682022293


Tel.: 26823-60600/60656






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