Kolpou Geras

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Curative Natural Resource Therma Kolpou Geras


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8.5 km away from Mytilene, on the road of Mytilene- Agiasou, one can find the curative spring “Therma” of Geras bay. The area is covered by olive trees which, combined with the endless view of the bay, compose a majestic scenery.

The baths were built during the time of the Turkish Rule, while, according to tradition, that was the bathing place of the ancient women of Lesvos, when they were getting ready for their pageants.

Curative Water

The temperature of the water of the spring is 39.7oC.

Characterisation: Hot Cl- Na- Ca- Li- Br- B hypotonic, slightly radioactive curative water of the municipality of Lesvos

Therapeutic Indications: Rheumatisms, arthritis, neurological ailments, chronic injuries

Health thermalism facilities

The hydrotherapy centre has two group pools. The baths are open all year round. They operate from Monday to Saturday, from 08:00 am to 19:30 pm and on Sunday from 10:00 am to 16:30 pm. There are no accommodation and eating establishments available.


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Tel.: 22510 41503


Tel.: 22513-50500/ 2251 0 27777

Website: www.mytilene.gr






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