Therma Kalymnou

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Curative Natural Resource Therma Kalymnou


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Therma Kalymnou is on the edge of the bay at the same location as the port of Pothia, the capital of the island. Kalymnos is known as the sponge divers’ island. It is abundant in mountains for mountaineering and rock climbing, but also for other choices such as cycling in the mountains, trekking and diving. The first records of the curative spring Therma Kalymnou are dated back to the end of the 18th century and more specifically during the Italian occupation of the island. The hydrotherapy centre stopped its function in 1990 and has been abandoned since then. Today, the tourist activity in the place of the hot mineral spring includes solely the snack bar- restaurant, the diving team and the development of the adjacent to the spring beautiful beaches. The municipality of Kalymnos has as a top priority to develop the curative spring and to construct and run a modern unit of thermalism in the future.

Curative Water

The hot mineral springs has a temperature of 38.1oC

Characterisation: Moderate temperature Na- Cl- K-B hypertonic, curative water of the municipality of Kalymnos

Therapeutic Indications: Arthritis, rheumatisms, sciatica, lumbago e.t.c.


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