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Curative Natural Resource Kokkino Nero


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The spring “Kokkino Nero” is near Karitsa, 60 km away from Larisa and 17 km away from the National Road Thessaloniki – Athens. The settlement Kokkino Nero was named after the unique “red water”, thanks to the iron hydroxides that paint the rocks red, that gushes in the region. Its curative properties are known from ancient times. Visitors can combine mineral water drinking therapy with a cold bath in the new stone- built pools. The curative springs “Kokkino Nero” gush in a natural, alternating, river environment rich in vegetation with herbs and wild flowers. A lot of natural mineral springs gush in another river environment rich in vegetation, 500 metres away.

Curative Water

The temperature of the water is 17oC

Characterisation: Cold HCO3– Ca- Mg- CO2 hypotonic curative water of the municipality of Agia.

Therapeutic Indications: Urinary and gastrointestinal system

Health thermalism facilities

Curative spring suitable for mineral water drinking therapy


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Tel.: 24943 50100/ 50123

Website: www.dimosagias.gr





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