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Curative Natural Resource Smokovo


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The curative springs of Smokovo are 35 km southwest of Karditsa, in the mountain mass of Agrafa and at an altitude of 450 metres. The first mention of the use of the hot springs is made in 1662. At that time, two lords from Smokovo, Moshos and Fragkos Stravoenoglou, built temporary facilities for their baths. The inhabitants mimiced them and this resulted in the spread of the fame of the extraordinary properties of the springs. Among the most famous visitors of that time were Ali Pasha of Ioannina and Mahmout Pasha. To honour them, two springs were named after them. The waters gush from five springs and are channeled in the hydrotherapy centre.

Curative Water

The temperature of the water of the spring is 42oC

Characterisation: Superheated HCO3– Na- HS- F hypotonic, slightly radioactive (spring of Alexander)

Therapeutic Indications: Chronic rheumatisms, arthritis, ailments of the respiratory system, ailments of the digestive system, skin ailments, endocrine failures, gynecological ailments

Health thermalism facilities

There are 43 individual Jacuzzi tubs, 22 individual inhaling devices and 7 individual nasal cleansing devices in the hydrotherapy centre facilities. In the new wing of the centre, visitors will find a curative tank (pool), rooms for sauna and Turkish Baths, rooms for massage as well as a fully equipped gym. The temperature of the water in the hydrotherapy centre is 35oC. The facilities are open from June to October, seven days a week, while during winter they are open only on Saturday and Sunday. The pool is open from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm. In the area there are also facilities for accommodation and eating.


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