Agrapidia (Limnohori)

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Curative Natural Resource Agrapidia (Limnohori)


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The Limnohori – Agrapidia curative spring gushes in the environment of the lake Zazari Amyntaio. Throughout the years, the shore of lake Zazari has been an ideal residential area, as we deduce from the remains of settlements from the Neolithic Era and the Bronze Age found there. During the Turkish Rule, the area was also inhabited, since there was a mosque in the village until recent years.

The old bath, a small, outdoor, stone built tank is located at the foot of the hill and springs from its bed.

Curative Water    

The temperature of the water is 28-29oC

Characterisation: Tepid Na- HCO3– SO4– K- F- B hypotonic, slightly radioactive curative water of the municipality of Amyntaio.

Therapeutic Indications: Ailments of the musculoskeletal and digestive system.

Heath thermalsm facilities

The facilities have two small pools, five individual tubs for women and five individual tubs for men and an Olympic size pool.


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Tel.: 23863-50100, 50111/113







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