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Curative Natural Resource Xino Nero


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The village Xino Nero, with its springs rich in acid-carbonic, calcium natural mineral water, is located 30 km southeast of Florina. The first water bottling plant was built by the French, who camped in the area during the 1st World War for their soldiers need for water. Scientific research has praised the curative action of this water mainly for the kidneys and liver. The water that comes from the Xino Nero springs is bottled in a factory of automated bottling that operates from 1958. The area of Xino Nero is rich in supplies of mineral water. In 1992, it became the property of the then community of Xino Nero as a community company. When the community became part of the wider municipality of Amyntaio it became a municipal company. The company bottles and sells the natural mineral sour water as well as fizzy drinks.

Curative Water

Temperature: 15oC

Characterisation: Cold Ca- HCO3 acidic curative water of the municipality of Amyntaio


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Water bottling plant

Tel.: 2386081100,

Fax: 2386081567,


Tel.: 23863-50100, 50111/113,






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